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Nature has a way of maintaining balance. When the land we live on gets too hot, uncomfortable and frustrating, the seabreeze blows through and cools the land and restores comfort and balance.

That was the inspiration behind Seabreeze Therapy. To take the heat out of personal and relationship anger, fear and frustration, stress and feeling lost inside your own mind. To open up your life through better communication, better ways of dealing with stress and emotions and better ways get the most out of your love, life and work self.

We take a multidisciplinary approach to your mind and its health including CBT, EMDR,ACT EFT. Seabreeze Therapy is a practice dedicated to providing practical, research backed solutions to your personal and relationship communication needs. 

Seabreeze looks to teach you how to best nourish your future, deal with your stress and repair your life and relationships by educating you and your partner on to how to work best together for a happy and fulfilling life together

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