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Marriage Counselling / Marriage Therapy

Ever get the feeling your partner is not listening to you? That you seem to fight over nothing? That simple discussions quickly fill with emotion and anger? That talking with your partner is like talking to a brick wall? These are distressing signs that your relationship may be struggling to stay connected.

Seabreeze Therapy believes in not only working with you and your partner, but the “us” in the relationship. Not only who you are as individuals but who you are as a couple. Seabreeze Therapy is a science of psychology based relationship therapy, counselling and education psychotherapy practice.

We believe that communication is the key to a happy world around us, yet we are never really taught how to genuinely communicate with our partner. How did you go in Relationships 101 in primary school?

We are a practice dedicated to helping you and your partner work through your issues and sticking points and walk away with a greater understanding of each other and how to better communicate. To be stronger as individuals but also stronger as an “us”. To have stronger and more honest communication to build a future upon.

We also offer a comprehensive Pre Marriage Personality Assessment

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